Lesson 12: 2 On 1 Russian Take Down Series

Two On One Russian Arm Control Series: Whether it’s clearing a collar tie or from dragging an arm. This type of control allows for control and the ability to throw and takedown your adversary. This position is one of my personal favorites

Lesson 11: Standing Guard Sweeps

Standing Guard Sweeps: A majority of opponents will try to pass your guard standing. So being able to shift from possible sweep to sweep weighs fortune in your favor. Ideally having the skill to sweep people in all directions is a super power.

Lesson 10: Omaplata Attack Series

Omaplata Attack Series: When working for arm bar and triangle follow-ups from the guard or mount. The omaplata occupies a unique place in that triad of techniques. I believe these transitions will give you the advantage in finishing your opponents.

Lesson 9: Knee On Belly Attack Series

Knee On Belly Attack Series: Transitioning to and from knee on belly is an important part of a well-rounded Jiu-Jitsu strategy. These are some of our favorite attacks.

Lesson 8: Leg Attack Flow

Leg Attack Flow Series:How a practitioner moves from technique to technique paves the way for success. The basis of this comes from the Shooto system. They are the folks that were attacking legs back when most competitors today were not even born yet.